Bewitching romance and dreamlike atmospheres, desires and emotions never disregarded, sublime luxury and historical scenarios in glamorous destinations.
Projects will be cared with attention in every detail, expressed with a careful stylistic direction that leave nothing to chance, in the enchanted landscape of the Amalfi coast and the most exclusive locations in Italy.

Exclusive Luxury Weddings and Events

~ Services Offered ~

We will manage your wedding, allowing you to reach the big day without the stress of the organization, taking care personally on the creation, the follow, and coordination of each stage of preparation and execution of your wedding.
We will draw for you an exclusive wedding dress, following every phase of realization. We will study the make-up and the hairstyle, translating into reality every woman’s dream, that one to feel unique and precious.
We will propose you moods and chromatic approaches, modern and refined settings
The colours and the unique Scents in the world of the Amalfi Coast, will ensure you an unforgettable wedding or event.


Paamel's Word

We will give form and life
to every
your desire